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On this page you will find dozen of design concepts and ideas for living rooms and great room spaces that stirs and stretches the imagination towards the challenge of trying new things in room design.

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LR-49As seen on HGTV's Renovation Raiders, the Rangel's living room has been transformed into a media free oasis, which has a contemporary look with a rustic feel. There is no longer hand me down furniture, and the space has personal touches to make this now their home. The deep blue walls envoke relaxation, there are plenty of cozy elements and seating for all, even a built in ledge under the window for the cat to sit and look outside.The space is truely welcoming to entertain family and friends. The wall has been opened up to expose the staircase which opens up the room and it flows into the dining room. (after), ( After 4 )LR-53LR-47FOR TRAVEL - Hôtel Plaza Athénée - Eiffel Suite - Living Room - Photo Credit: de LaubierLR-55LR-54LR-51LR-48


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