About Us

Meet Designers Bob-E and Tim J

Semi-retired Interior Design Specialist Bob-E- Craven and Design Partner Tim Jones, co-founded 360 My Decor in 2012. After discovering the need for clients’ desire to re-design their residences with most of their existing furniture pieces while adding new accents that not only accessorize, but ignite and propel their proposed re-styled concepts into exciting and fresh new looking designs, hence, 360 My Decor was born.

Inspiration and Team Work

Bob-E is the artistic designer who inspires 360 My Decor. As Creative Director, Bob-E has over 35 years of business experience in retail-display design and sales. His 22 year run as owner of a major hotel and restaurant renovation company propelled him to the top of his field. Bob-E’s background in fashion couture, interior design, antique decor furnishings coupled with high end floral design, led him to be on the cutting edge of creating new and fresh design concepts, resulting in premium customer satisfaction. He is respected as a notable leader in the design industry. Tim’s background is in computer program administration technology and design communications. He has watched and been part of the communications industry as it has been launched forward into becoming an integral sector of computer design. Together, Bob-E and Tim J, enjoy seeing their clients not only envision their own ideas in decor, but actually make their client’s designs come to fruition by incorporating their own furniture and accent pieces.

Bob-E Craven and Tim Jones Founders of 360 My Decor