About Us

The 360 My Decor Re-Design Principle ™

We work from founded principles of
basic décor styles

By our clients choosing
360 My Decor ™ they can
envision the final result

Our process simplifies the décor
project with just two home visits

We usually incorporate existing
furniture and accessories to achieve
the desired look

We offer design accessories to
accent the room’s color palette and

The customer chooses the design
style that suits their needs, rather
than the decorator making decisions
for them

Our affordable fees are set by areas
rather than by room or hourly rates or
commissions earned on items purchased

Our focus is making “the look” of our
customer’s room(s) be transformed
into their chosen décor style

Although we don’t  sub-contract any
painting or construction work, we are
happy to provide suggestions or

“You’ll love the results, or we’ll put it back” Guarantee